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Mariola Matyszkiewicz Boulais

More Value Founder

We believe that everyone has the potential to create More Value in their lives and the lives of others.

Our mission is to help individuals unlock their full potential, achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives.

At More Value we offer a range of services including:

  • Life and Leadership Coaching
  • PSYCH-K® Facilitation and Hospitality Training

All aim to helping people enhance their personal and professional lives. Our experienced coaches and facilitators are committed to providing personalized support and guidance to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

When you work with More Value, you can expect to gain clarity on your goals, develop strategies to overcome challenges and acquire tools and skills to enhance your personal and professional growth.

Our approach is grounded in research based methodologies and customized to meet the unique needs of each individual.

So if you are looking to create more value in your life and career, look no further than More Value.

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Thank you so much Mariola for our life changing session. I cannot believe that I can fly without fear. It is still sinking in. I have taken three flights now and two of them had turbulence and I did not panic. What a gift! I cannot believe that we were able to achieve this in one session. I’m so grateful. Thank you!

Fiona H.

Life coaching with Mariola changed my life. Mariola’s lessons gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work.

Lisa Dowen

It works for reals!

I had the pleasure of having a session with Mariola, and it was truly transformative. Mariola used the PSYCH-K approach to delve into an old belief I had about money, and the depth of the process was mind blowing. Mariola’s insides were spot on, and I felt safe and supported as I explored my own answers that were already within me. Mariola created a safe space where I could be vulnerable, and I found the experience to be truly memorable. Thanks to Mariola, I now feel more at peace and comfortable speaking about money. I highly recommend Mariola to anyone who is looking for a transformative and supportive experience.

Thank you again Mariola

Ioana B

I highly recommend Mariola. Working with her was such an awesome experience.

After working with Mariola I was able to clearly articulate future vision for myself and was able to achieve better work/life balance and results. She is empathetic, smart, motivating and amazing coach. Thank you Mariola for giving me confidence and clarity.

Maja M.

Coaching and Training Packages

PSYCH-K® Session: Freeing Your Mind from Limiting Beliefs, Removing Fear & Traumas, Awakening Your Self-Esteem and Self-Belief

1.5 hour - 2 hours

130 €
  • 1 private session
  • In-person or online
  • The PSYCH-K® will help you to:
  • - Overcome limiting beliefs
  • - Release stress, fears, phobias & traumas
  • - Increase self-belief/self-confidence
  • - Unleash potential
  • - Increase creativity
  • - Gain more clarity
  • - Improve performance
  • - Build better relationships
  • - Improve health
  • - Have successful career
  • - Feel joy, peace and fulfillment
  • To book the session please contact Mariola on +35679914838
  • You can book free Discovery Call before the session

More-Value Wellness & Leadership Coaching Package

This program includes 8 individual coaching sessions

900 €
  • 8 private sessions
  • In-person or online
  • Depending on individual needs, I use a blend of tools applied in Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming , Strategic Intervention & Psych-K®
  • Unlock Your Potential.
  • Transform Your Life.

Breakthrough Leadership Group Coaching Program

The program includes 3 hours x 3 sessions for all group members (max 6 ppl) and 2 individual coaching sessions.

  • Improved individual and team performance
  • Increased collaboration
  • Support and accountability within the attendees
  • Increased self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Tailored Coaching Time and cost-effective

Holistic Wellness Workshops Series | MIND-BODY-SPIRIT

2.5 hour x 3 sessions

1299 €
  • 3 workshops
  • In-person or online
  • Workshops that provide the foundations to find Inner Peace, Joy, Energy & Motivation and to create a happier work environment.


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